Liven Up Any room With a Custom Wall Mural

Rooms in homes or in public buildings can be too plain, too large, too white, too flat, or just too uninteresting. Companies might want to draw customer attention to an area or add a little drama and interest to a space. Families might want to personalize a child’s bedroom or a master bedroom. One way to add color, design, and drama to any flat wall is to install a custom wall mural from companies such as Wallpaper ink.

What designs Are Available?

There are thousands or even millions of designs available from online sites like Wallpaperink. The choices seem almost limitless. This is because the images are all stored on computers for customers to upload and view. They are not printed until a customer orders them. The designs include photographs of cities such as New York, London, Paris, and other cities around the world. There are maps from around the world to choose from.

There are many categories of designs and photographs to look at such as Disney, forest, spring, summer, fall winter, and waterfalls. There are sunsets, sunrises, ocean and lake photos, tropical forest, and animal photos. Sports fans can find the perfect sports photo. Underwater designs and tropical beaches are available. There are even graphics and abstract designs to view. And, if none of the designs are just right, the customer can provide their own photograph or artwork to be printed on the mural material.

Mural Sizes

The murals are made to fit the customer’s wall size.The customer measures their wall space and the mural company prints the mural to fit that space. Then it is cut into manageable sized drops for easy installation. Each mural comes in a box with fitting and hanging directions included. All hanging tools are included. The mural companies use special high-quality printing equipment.

What Comes With The Mural?

The murals come in a box ready to hang. The box includes the mural, a pencil, fitting and hanging instructions and video, and a knife with snap-off blades. There is also free wallpaper paste included with the standard and pre-pasted murals. The murals can come in different grades and on different materials including standard, pre-pasted, premium, and PVC based. For additional information, visit the website.